All the types of leather we use are of bovine origin and come from European cattle breedings. They are tanned in Italy through manufacturing processes which guarantee the maximum respect for health and the environment.
Every type of leather is different in terms of size, shape, scars, etc. which makes its processing considerably more complex than fabric. This often causes the leather to be cut with different templates as opposed to fabric. Leather is a natural product: the presence of wrinkles on the neck or of small scars and insect stings, as well as the difference in grain between rump and sides, are not "flaws" but normal aspects of the leather which confirm its uniqueness. Leather upholstery on a sofa has many advantages as it:
- can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or specific products;
- has very compact fibre which prevents it from being torn;
- is breathable which prevents the skin from sweating;
- adapts to the temperature of the room and the body which makes it thermally comfortable;
- prevents the padding of the sofa from being impregnated with unpleasant smells;
- prevents dust or pets' hairs from penetrating into the sofa.
Furthermore leather has an undeniable appeal and appearance which last over time.
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