Polyurethane foam
Used for padding, it is one of the main components of a sofa as it determines the level of comfort. The various types of polyurethane are divided by density (weight per m³) and weight-bearing strength (elasticity). The higher the density the greater the quality of the product. The weight-bearing strength, on the other hand, depends on the level of softness preferred for the cushion.
Therefore, contrary to what is believed, rigidity does not always correspond to quality.
Flexteam specifically designs and tests its padding for each sofa resulting in each model having its own specific padding. To guarantee comfort and durability, a seat is often made of different types of polyurethane: more rigid where pressure is applied (in the front), supporting in the middle and soft on top.
Lastly, for specific technical and aesthetic reasons, some polyurethane cushions are covered with a layer of mixed down, divided into sections and enclosed in fabric to prevent it from coming out.
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