Before being chosen for the Flexteam collections, each fabric is tested for its technical characteristics such as seam resistance, tensile strength and appropriate "vestibility". Other tests for resistance to rubbing (Martindale test), light exposure, washing etc. are, on the other hand, performed by weaving suppliers.
The cleaning and maintenance instructions are described in the product specifications sheet provided with the sofa. To guarantee the long life of the product, it is necessary to periodically clean it by means of a brush or vacuum cleaner, to remove the invisible particles of dust which are deposited daily. When washing or dry-cleaning, the velcro strips should be covered by protective tape, to avoid damaging the fabric.
All fabrics, especially natural ones, may present small knots or flaws in the yarns used. Furthermore each type of fabric has distinctive features, such as:
- "Chenille" usually presents an uneven and used look;
- "Velvet" reflects the light differently according to the grain;
- "Linen" tends to crease.
- etc...

These typical features make every fabric unique and form its beauty.
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